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CU-Medical i-PAD CU-SP2

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The new iPAD SP2 is the latest in the range of Inteligent Public Access Defibrillators. The SP2 is an easy to use AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) which has a manual override function and is both compact and light, but at the same time able to deliver the features of a much larger and expensive AED.

The SP2 automatically reads the patient's electrocardiogram (ECG) and determines if a cardiac arrest that requires defibrillation has occurred. This ECG is also shown on the new larger colour screen, adding to its civilian usability by adding confidence in being able to see what is occuring whilst also hearing it through the voice prompts.

Type gebruiker
  • Sportvereniging
  • Bedrijf
  • Overheid
  • Paramedische professional
Gewenst gebruik
  • Binnen en buiten
  • Mobiel
Gesproken instructies
  • Eéntalig (NL - FR - EN)
  • Andere talen
  • Geïntegreerde kindermodus
  • Met CPR-Feedback
Extra info:
AED with Manual Override, Fixed or Escalating Energy, Colour Screen, ECG with Sync, Multi Event Data, Recording – 3 Events, 17hrs Each, Easy Data Transfer via SD Card, Free Data Analysis Software, One set of pads for both Adults and Children, Ambient noise detector automatically adjusts voice prompt according to back-ground noise, Pre-Connected ‘Smart’ Electrodes, Rechargeable or Disposable Battery, Waterjet Proof to IP55, Complete with Case, Rechargeable Battery, Battery Dock, Electrodes Bluetooth printe and CG monitor as standard in the Value Package



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